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A collection of the coordinates of old homes where families once lived. Click on Map Icon for more information.
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Churches & Graveyards

Information on the ecclesiastic sites in the parish, past & present.

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School Projects

Information on the schools and education in the parish, past & present.
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Information on various places of interest and happenings in Dromod Parish


Some interesting information around the village of Waterville contributed by Tom Horgan.

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Ceallúnaigh, Children’s Burial Grounds.  The custom of burying infants and young children in a separately designated place appears to have been practised in Ireland from at least late Medieval times.  Although this practice reflects in part the refusal by Church authorities to allow the burial of unbaptised infants in consecrated graveyards, it also reflects the underlying view of traditional societies that unnamed children had not attained full membership of the communities into which they were born.

Burial places of this type are usually referred to as ceallúnaigh (sing. Ceallúnach) on the Iveragh Peninsula.  See ‘The History of Ceallúnaigh in Co. Kerry, By Emer A. Dennehy’ for some very interesting information.
From our research, we were notified of the location of 17 ceallúnaigh in the Dromod Parish. Blessings of some of these took place in November 2021. If anyone else would like to have the ceallúnach on their land blessed, please contact Fr Gerard to arrange a suitable date.
In blessing these ceallúnaigh we remember our past and learn from it. Today we acknowledge the wrongs and pray that tomorrow we put into practice what we have learned.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning”
Albert Einstein.