Mary Kate O Sullivan, 2021

This project is about my farm. There is a lot of stuff to tell you, but I’ll start at the start. There are lots of houses around the place but before there weren't.

There was a house in Insebuí a long time ago. The ruins are still there today. The man that lived there was Con Curran. He had no car, so he used a donkey and cart to travel. Here is a photo of his house.

He had to keep his donkey somewhere so he kept it in a shed. It was in the shape of a circle and here’s a picture of the circle

Now down in the fields there was a rock and didn't know about until a couple of years ago and it is called the priest rock because it was a church and the field is holy the priest used to say mass there a long time ago here is a photo of the rock.

Insebuí 2