Zoe Nic Gearailt

Zoe Nic Gearailt Ranga 2

All the field names/old houses/ruins I have in my heritage project are all near where I live in Coomovohir.

My first field name is Bothar Na Cusha – years ago when it snowed, the people living in Coomavohir had to walk from the turn of the road known as Bothar Na Cusha as they wouldn’t come up the hill in the cart.

This house was bought by Thagh Foley off a man named Conny Coffey. Thagh Foley sold the house in 1964 to a Cork man Ted Newenham. Ted Newenham daughter Carol Hodder still comes and goes to the house.

Carol Newenham (Centre) with her sister and Thagh Foley.

This is Thagh Foleys house, he was raised here with his sisters Hannah & Bridie and brother John. Thagh ended up farming the land and living alone until his death in 1994. His brother John emigrated to America at an early age and his sister Hannah married a Michael O Shea Gortatlea and Bridie emigrated to England and married a man called John Bull. A Joe Simpson now resides there as a holiday home.

Martin Coffey lived here with his son Jim. Martins wife died at a young age. After Martin’s wife passed, Martin fostered a boy called John Fagan from the orphanage to be company for Jim and to help in the farm. Below is a lovely photo of Martin Coffey with his donkey outside his house.